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Paco el lobo, Singer guitarist flamenco

As a lover of flamenco from a very early age, Paco started taking part in parties and tablaos where he met many important flamenco traditional singers.  Paco was initiated into cante jondo by the well-known artists Pepe El de la Matrona, Rafael Romero as well as Juan Varea. Over the years, he also specialized in singing for the dance, which gave him a great skill in compas and palmas.

During these years, Paco also studied flamenco guitar and took part in several ballets and flamenco troupes rounding out his overall training and helping him grow as an artist.

In the course of his career, Paco has created several musical groups gathering musicians and dancers.

As a teacher and a musician, Paco has taken part in a great number of dance, guitar and flamenco singing training courses.

He is often invited by various musical groups and he manages to join others while respecting the flamenco traditions and exploring new music.

> Participation in other groups
  • - He collaborate with other musical groups and flamenco guitarists, among which, Cristóbal Corbel in recording “Poema de luna " in 2014 and also with Samuelito in 2015 in his musical recording " Viajero " on their tour of Normandy.
  • - He joined Thierry Robin’s group, Gitans, on the occasion of the recording of the first album in 1993. Several tours in France, Tel Aviv 1996, Japan and Africa 1997, Canada, Bagdad 1998, Hollywood Bowl, USA 2000.
  • - He took part in Marc Loopuyt’s project of Arabo-Andalusian music, Suspiro del moro, and in a CD recording. Tours in Tunisia 1994, Festival of Otoño de la Comunidad in Madrid 1995, Lyon’s Auditorium 1996, Sacred Music Festival in Fez 1997.
  • - He sang within groups of flamenco guitarists: Vicente Pradal in 1975, Bernardo Sandoval in 1982, Pascal Gallo in Friburg in 1999 and Rio de Janeiro in 2002.
  • - Veronica Vallecillo, dancer-choreographer : Hivernales d'Avignon, La Maroquinerie.
    Performed at a concert given at the Taverny School of Music in June 2014.
  • - Performed in the Anita Losada show " Fuego " in 2015.
> Guest in other projects
  • - Sapho : Jardin Andalou november 1996 - show in Trianon, recording of an album
  • - Idir : Concerts in the Olympia 1999 and Zénith 2000 on the occasion of the presentation of the album Identités.
  • - San Severino : The Musicians’ Night 2000 2000
  • - Bernard Lubat’s Troupe : Uzeste Musical 1999 - Uzeste Festival 2002, Sons d'Hiver 2002
  • - Marc Perrone : Pont des Artistes - Le Bataclan 2004, Le Zèbre 2005
  • - André Minvielle :"Abecedère" - Opera of Clermont Ferrand, Le Tilf 2004
  • - Mino Cinelu : "Trio" - European Tour 2006
  • - Philippe Guidat : Presentation of the album Azulejos in the Maison de la Culture of Clermont Ferrand.
    Tour in Bolivia (2009) . Azulejos y amigos (2010).
    Azulejos and l’Orchestre d’Harmonie de Ardèche (2012)
  • - Racha Arodaky (pianist) « Scarlatti Ibérico », Sonatas for harpsichord. Théâtre de del'Onde , Vélizy june 2012 and the Musical Festival at Pionsat Castel , july 28th 2015.
  • - Anatelier & compagnie, contemporary dance « Murmure des murs », Notre Dame des Ardents in Lagny sur Marne - september 2012
> Theatre
  • 1975-77 - El teatro del Arte Flamenco, directed by José Renato
  • 1983 - "La mort travestie "by Lorca - Theâtre de l'Epée de bois Cartoucherie de Vincennes
  • 1984 - "Asi lo siento" by Maité Bouygues - Théâtre des Mazades Toulouse
  • 2002/2004 - "Amaya ,prénom Carmen" by David Uribe - Le Lucernaire, Théâtre de Nogent, Puerto Rico, Santander
  • 2004 - "La terrasse du sous-sol" by Francis Marmande et Patrick Sommier - Maison de la Culture de Bobigny
  • 2008 - "D'une gare à l'autre" by Isabelle Linnartz - La maison des métallos, Paris
  • 2008 - "Don Quichotte contre l'ange bleu" by Jérôme Savary - Théâtre de Paris. Tourn in Spain
  • 2012 - Opéra « Séville lovers: blood wedding : Carmen and Don Juan », Théâtre Sylvia Monfort Paris, Festival Futur Composé, autism and culture.
> Cinema
  • 1993- Cinéma : Blanca au Narcisse
  • 1998 - "Paris secret" - Documentary about the Gipsy community, produced by Arte
  • 2000 - "Fifi Martingale" by Jacques Rozier
> Recordings
  • - Gitans by Thierry Robin Auvidis 1992
  • - Payo Michto by Thierry Robin Auvidis 1995
  • - Suspiro del moro by Marc Loopuyt Buda Musique 1996
  • - Jardin andalou by SaphoCelluloïd 1996
  • - Identités by Idir Sony Music Entertainment 1999
  • - Alezane by Titi Robin Naïve 2004
  • - Mon éphémère passion by Marc Perrone 2004
  • - Les petites chansons by Marc Perrone 2007
  • - Flamenco Hors Piste by Laurent Geniez 2007
  • - Azulejos by Philippe Guidat 2008
  • - Concuerdas by Andrés Izurieta 2010
  • - Encore heureux by Adage 2012
  • - Glorivendi by Anatole del Morao 2013
  • - Poema de Luna by Cristóbal Corbel 2014
  • - Viajero by Samuelito 2015

  • 1979 - Creation of the group Horizonte
  • 1981 - Participation in the Flamenco Festival in Paris
  • He gathered various artists in the Théâtre El Dorado in 1983 and in the Théâtre de l'Union in 1987.
  • 1988 - Took part in the Gypsy Festival in Grasse - Creation of the group Compas Flamenco
  • 1990 - New Morning 1990
  • 1992 - Artist invited by the Biennial Festival de Sevilla
  • 1996 - Théâtre Trianon first part of La Susi..
  • 1998 - Release of the album Grito presented in the Jean-Louis Foulquier’s programme Pollen; as well as in Synergie, a programme by Jean-Luc Hees broadcasted on France Inter and France Culture. Presentation in the Café de la Danse in Paris, then in Prague.
  • -Concerts in La Maroquinerie in February 2000, November 2001 for the presentation of his album Aficion, november 2002
  • -Shows at the “Sons d'Hiver” Festival in February 2002, Institut du Monde Arabe in June, “De Bouche à oreille” in Parthenay in August
  • Summer 2003 - Festival of Radio France in Montpellier
  • januar 2004 - L'Estive, nationale stage of l'Ariège
  • june 2005 - Théâtre de Caen - Le Limonaire, Paris
  • 2006 - Recital in Paris city council, invited by the Association Futur Composé.
  • april 2007 - Concert for the International Roma Day, Montreuil
  • 2007 - Tribute to the painter Paul Robeyrolles Ecole des Beaux Arts
  • February and October 2007 - Concerts in La Bellevilloise, Paris
  • 2008 - Concert trio in Arles
  • 2009 - Concerts in the Festival of Anères. Le Limonaire. Saint Sever.
  • march 2010 : - Concert on the occasion of the Flamenco Week in Marvejols, Languedoc-Roussillon
  • avril 2010 - Concerts in Nogent-sur-Marne
  • april 2010 - Paris City Hall – Flamenco show in partnership with the Spanish Ambassy. Paco El Lobo (guitar and singing) / Veronica Vallecillo (dance)
  • 8th and 29th May 2010 - Le Comptoir du Monde – Paris – Flamenco show, Veronica Vallecillo (dance) / Paco El Lobo (guitar and singing)
  • 7th and 8th may 2010 - Paris City Hall – Flamenco show in partnership with the Spanish Ambassy. Paco El Lobo (guitar and singing) / Veronica Vallecillo (dance)
  • 17th may 2010 - Release of the CD « Mi Camino Flamenco », Paco El Lobo’s 3rd album (Buda Musique).
  • may 2010 - Creation of the music for the film “Coeur Fidèle”, concert in the Festival of Anères.
  • 19th june 2010 - concert in Flamenco en France, to present the album “Mi Camino Flamenco”
  • 30th september 2010 - concert in l’Ermitage, Paris
  • 2010 Performed in a concert featuring Enrique Morente at the " Festival des Banlieues " at Bobigny. May 2010 : Performed in a concert “Copas y Compás” in Bordeaux.
  • 2011 Toured solo or with other musical groups.

  • 2012
    January 1st to January 18th , performed solo at a concert given at the Theatre Kiron , Paris.
  • May 24th to May 25th , performed at the Theatre Watteau in Nogent sur Marne.

  • 2013

    Frontman un the sextet and performed in" The Night of the Voices " at the Grand Rex venue in Paris. January 30th to February 2nd, performed in a Flamenco trio at a theatre venue in the 20th district in Paris featuring VV ( dance ) and Cristobal Corbel ( guitar ).
  • During February and March of the same year , performed as part of a trio at La Verrière. Performed as part of a duo at the Saint François Philibert chapel in Grand Lieu .
  • Gave a solo performance at the Cherbourg National Theatre on July 23rd. Performed as part of a trio at a sacred music festival held in Sylvanès Abbey.

  • 2014
    Performed in a Flamenco Trio at a concert held in Clermont l'Hérault . Also performed in venues at Déville les Rouen , Sablé sur Sarthe, and Cherbourg at a venue called " Le Trident ".Also performed in the " Chantiers d'Europe " at the Théâtre de la Ville Paris Also performed at the L'Estival de la Bâtie at a theatre in Roanne.
  • July 5th to July 27th performed at the Avignon Festival and at another theatre in Avoine. Gave a solo performance at the Arthè Café venue in Sauterre followed by other home concerts in Gennevilliers Town Hall.

  • 2015
    Performed as part of a Flamenco trio alongside Cristóbal Corbel on guitar, and with dancers Karine González, Melinda Sala and Elena Cueto. Made an appearance in Merville and performed at " Le Toit Rouge " in Montélimar , Sédan at the Festival " Voix Vives " of the Mediterranean, at the Théâtre de la Mer , Sète, at the L'Embarcadère venue in Montceau les Mines la Forgerie, at Saint Dizier.
  • Performed solo at the Arthé Café in Manzat and as part of a trío at the Théâtre de la Ville Les Abbesses alongside Cristóbal Corbel and Samuelito on December 12th.

  • 2016
    February 19th , release of the 4th album "FLAMENCO " Buda Musique, alongside Cristóbal Corbel on lead guitar , Pascal Rollando on percussions, Jean Louis Solans on bass . Featuring the following special guests : Master José Maya and Samuelito.
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